Thursday, May 21, 2020

Subject: From CBYRA - Please distribute to racing members

Hi folks, CBYRA is hosting Dave Dellenbaugh for a series of webinars that are FREE to CBYRA members.  

Unfortunately, our website is down, but here's a flyer (attached) that has all the info and links to registration (and CBYRA membership join/renew links, too).  

We'd be thrilled if you wouldn't mind circulating this to your members who might be interested.

Thanks very much,
Tim Ford & Jon Anthony
CBYRA Outreach Commmittee
Vice President for Outreach
703 Giddings Avenue
Suite U2G
Annapolis, MD 21401

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Wednesday, How to Rendezvous on the Choptank

Rendezvous: "An alternative to racing". No score, bragging rights only.  

Rules: Must comply with Maryland's State COVID-19 restrictions.

These are pursuit cruising events. Boat handicaps are built into the delayed starting times.
Faster boats must "catch"up and pass the boats with higher PHRF's.
The delays are strictly calculated using PHRF, Time-over-Distance. (TOD)
No timekeeping is required to determine who is the first to get to "Z".
This event is just for fun, no records will be kept. 
A committee boat may not be available. 
Honorable self-starting and solo sailing may be the norm.

  1. A lead boat will select the course based on the wind direction and wind speed.
  2. Use the 2020 ESSA Choptank Course List  
    1. Click here for the 2020 course list.
  3. Use the pursuit start time list to find your delay for your beginning time.
    1. Click here for the printable persuit delay chart.
  4. First to go by the "Z" Zulu marker gets to "trash talk" on Channel 72. 
How to read the delay chart:

Go down to the course number line.
Go across to your boat column.
The number is the number of minutes that you must wait before you pass the departure marker.
If 6:00 PM is the start,  add the delay. 

See you out there.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Choptank Rendezvous - Every Wednesaday

Greetings Choptank ESSA fleet,


By now, you all have heard that Gov. Hogan has lifted the ban on recreational boating beginning yesterday 5/7 at 7am, however, he made it a point to specifically mention no racing. Imagine that.


ESSA racing continues to be canceled through 5/20, at which point the Maryland no racing guidelines will either remain in place or be lifted. If they remain in place, then racing will be pushed back again. We will push the date in two week increments giving skippers and crew flexibility for planning.


Ron Freund is back in the states, more specifically in Cambridge, earlier than expected. Either the Bahamas ran out of Rum, or he was kicked out. He has offered to volunteer again, but not full time. We will attempt to coordinate some dates that he can help, and the other spots will need to be filled by our lottery selection.


In the meantime, I suggest folks launch their boats, and ‘Rendezvous’ near an ESSA marker on Wednesday nights for some informal ‘sparring’.


Trevor Carouge  
Cruising to nowhere at a safe distance

~~~ /) ~~~~ ~~ ESSA ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ /) ~~~ ~ 
~~~ ~~~~ ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~ ~~

People who do go out boating and fishing should still follow social distancing guidelines, according

to DNR’s updated Frequently Asked Questions page. DNR spells out these specific rules for boating during the stay-at-home order:

  • Boaters must be with immediate family members or people with which they reside. 
    • No more than 10 people can be on a boat at one time, including captain and crew.
  • Boats must be distanced from each other by at least 10 feet and are prohibited from rafting up, beaching, or having rendezvous events.
    • Boats are prohibited from docking at restaurants or bars.
  • Vessel and boat races remain prohibited.
  • Marinas can reopen to recreational boaters, but must adhere to the Maryland Departments of Commerce and Health guidelines.
  • Pump-out stations and boats may resume operations under the Departments of Commerce and Health guidelines.
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Getting ready to sail?

In a few weeks, we hope to be sailing. 

Here is a list of things to get ready.

Choptank Fleet

Tangier Fleet

Questions? Contact your Fleet Captain 

It's a race!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Stedman Smith Cup Race postponed

The beloved Stedman Smith Cup Race 
will be postponed until later this season.

No date has been established at this time.

Jambo skippered 
by Trevor Carouge 
is the defending champion.

Now hear this! NOW HEAR THIS! A message from your Choptank Fleet Captains

Choptank ESSA Fleet,

I hope that this message finds you all well.

Look, nobody really likes the situation that we are finding ourselves in. Governor Hogan’s next move on recreational boating remains as murky as the Choptank River. The overwhelming majority of our fleet is on the hard with no real progress towards being ready for launch – and not by choice. Some yards are operating, some are not. This coupled with the ban on boating makes it really difficult at this point to pin down a ‘go’ date for our races. I have been fielding a lot of phone calls asking about the first race.

That being said, I think that it’s prudent to at least pass a message along to you all obtaining a finite date that you can plan on regardless of Hogan’s next move on recreational boating. I hereby suspend all Choptank ESSA racing through and including May 20th. If the ban lifts early and your boat is ready, great - go sail. If things continue to roll on the path, and no lift happens, then we will push the suspension date out to say June 17th (the start of series 2).

Whatever the go date ends up being, Bob and I will have an updated Choptank NORSI out to the fleet at least a week prior. We all need to stay as flexible as possible. There is no rule book on this stuff. If we need to get creative down the road and do some back to back races in the middle of summer to salvage series one, then we will do our best to accomplish that.

A reminder that all race competitors will be taking turns as Committee boat this year. Dates will be chosen randomly. You will not be required to use your sailboat as the craft to put on the race, and you will not be allowed to substitute another person to perform the duty so that you can still race. George “our scorekeeper” will use a standard formula to award points to the designated committee boat that week. 

Committee Boat Scoring:
The boat designated as the Committee Boat will be scored OOD (Officer of the day.) The average points of all scored races less any DNC's for that series. 

Example: a boat that finished 1,2,3, OOD, 4, DNC.  The DNC would be discarded. Scoring: 1+2+3+4=10.  10/4 = 2.5 = OOD.  
For the race that the boat was the RC, the boat would be scored 2.5.

Case of using a borrowed boat for RC duty: The skipper of the designated committee boat must be on board to officiate the Race Committee. If the skipper of the designated RC boat decides to permit his crew to race his/her boat, that boat will not be scored on its finish time. It will be scored OOD.  The 2020 Choptank NORSI will provide more detail. 

All the best,


Friday, April 17, 2020