Saturday, January 9, 2021

Bridge Meeting, Monday, January 11, 2021

 Bridge Meeting Schedules

All meeting are on ZOOM.COM


Monday, January 11, 2021, 5:00 PM

Online meeting

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Link upon request to 

1.     Call to order

2.     Minutes of December 14, 2020 meeting

3.     Treasurer’s report

Current status & 2020 members

4.     Fleet Captains’ reports

Choptank Fleet

Will boats return?  Cruising Class, Rum Runner race to schedule, Joint race with Tred Avon Yacht Club (“Challenge Cup”), Learn to Sail, Crew Party in Spring, Date of Spring fleet meeting

Tangier Fleet

Crew Party, date of Spring fleet meeting, how to promote Tanzer 22s for sale

5.     Old Business

Online roster update
Election Results
Update on Award Presentations
On the water emergency plans - Dottie
Winter meetings

February 13, 2021: ESSA Cruising, George Breig

March 14, 2021: Tentative speaker – John Womack (Racing Rules and Cruising European Canals)

ESSA Cruising Award – Where is trophy?  Would presenting it encourage more participation in club cruises?


6.     New Business

How to do Change of Watch?
Late spring event to re-cap Awards and Change of Watch?  Necessary?
Design for keeper trophy for Spirit of Sailing Award
Cedar Hill Marina Insurance Requirement

7.     Bridge meeting dates

Monday February 8, 2021, 5 PM

Monday March 8, 2021, 5 PM

8.     Adjournment

Parking Lot Issues:

College Sailors

Jessica S. , Assistant Director of Athletics is contact at SU; received email May 18

Next Bridge Meeting: Monday February 8, 2020, 5 PM

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Choptank Fleet Awards Ceremony

 Attention Choptank Sailors

A brief ceremony will be staged at the Cambridge Yacht Club Gazebo on 

Sunday, December 20, 2020. at 2:00 PM

Your attendance is encouraged.

Choptank Fleet Awards Winners:

Choptank Race Results 2020

Series 1 (Non-Spin) 

  1. Aura
  2. Reveille
  3. Whistle Jacket

Series 2 Non-Spin

  1. Reveille
  2. Tamarind
  3. Jitterbug
Series 2 Spinnaker
  1. Jambo
  2. Gabrielle
  3. Ethyl Alcohol

Series 3 Non- Spin

  1. Reveille
  2. Tamarind 
  3. Touché 

Series 3 Spinnaker 

  1. Jambo
  2. Aura
  3. Gabrielle

Overall Non Spin 

  1. Reveille
  2. Tamarind
  3. Touché

Overall Spinnaker

  1. Jambo
  2. Aura
  3. Gabrielle

Stedman Smith- not raced in 2020

Wild Goose Chase

  1. Jitterbug

Choptank Cup

  1. Tamarind
  2. Reveille
  3. Jambo
Great Shoals Lighthouse Award - Tom Jackson

Awarded to the ESSA member who has demonstrated the most outstanding sailing accomplishment or performed the highest level of meritorious service in the promotion of sailboat racing, or a combination thereof.

Bluewater Cup - Richard Bearman

Awarded to an ESSA boat captained by its owner sailing the most offshore miles during a calendar year, but not less than 300 miles.

ESSA Promotional Award - Trevor Carouge 

Awarded to the person who has done the most to promote sailing on the Eastern Shore.

ESSA Spirit of Sailing Award - Leah Creswell 

Awarded to a member or volunteer who best exemplifies spirited and sportsmanlike sailing.

Your ESSA Bridge, Neill C. -  Commodore

Monday, December 7, 2020

Cambridge Sailwinds Development

  Press Release

December 4, 2020




          Cambridge Waterfront Development, Inc.(CWDI) in partnership with BCTDesign Group, is launching an on-line survey asking for your ideas and opinions about the future of waterfront development at Sailwinds.  Your ideas will be considered by CWDI in the shaping of a development master plan which will guide development decisions over the next several years.

          The Cambridge Waterfront area subject to development planning extends from the Burton Fishing Bridge to Cambridge Creek and encompasses approximately 40 acres.  To assist your thinking about how this area should be developed, a background presentation and introduction to planning topics will precede the questionnaire.

The survey website is

It can be accessed beginning December 10th.  CWDI encourages you to go to the website and take advantage of the presentation information and complete the questionnaire on-line.  If you prefer a paper copy of the questionnaire, please contact Sandra Tripp-Jones, Executive Director, at or 805-453-4480.  She will send you a questionnaire with a stamped return envelope.  Your ideas will be greatly appreciated. 

Contact:  Sandra Tripp-Jones, CWDI Executive Director





Thursday, November 12, 2020

2020 ESSA Race Results & Awards

Click here for 2020 ESSA Race Results  

Congratulations to all on a great season.

Due to COVID-19, the Awards Dinner, installation of new officers, and other gatherings will be postponed. Alternate arrangements will be made to present awards.

Stand-by for a message from the ESSA bridge. 

Monday, October 12, 2020

Choptank Cup, October 10, 2020


The wind proved to be perfect for this long race. Initially, the forecast was to present stronger winds with gusts to 25 Knots; but, a steady 11-18 knot Southwest wind prevailed most of the day. Under a continuing overcast sky,  the fleet was able to sail between and beam reach to close hauled all the way to the Sharp's Island Light  and back: a one-tack cruise for 31.9 NM. The return trip was between a broad-beam reach to a close all the way.   

Another surprise was the turn-out. Seven boats started the race. All sailed non-spinnaker. Slice, sailing single handed, challenged the pace against the bigger boats before turning back. 

As the race developed, two matches races evolved. It was Jambo pitted against Reveille. After 31.9 NM, they crossed the finish line within 2 minutes, 38 seconds of each other with the advantage to Reveille. 

The other match-up was Gabrielle verses Tamarind. Their finish had Gabrielle crossing the line 1 minute, 33 seconds before Tamarind. These boats jockeyed for position side-by side for the entire race. What fun was that!

Whistle Jacket kept pace with both match-ups finishing in between. Jitterbug finished the race after seven hours and had the honor of retrieving the finish line marker. 

After PHRF correction, Tamarind proved to be the best. Congratulations to all skippers and their crews.

1st  -Tamarind - Mark McIver

2nd - Revielle - Tom Jackson

3rd - Jambo - Trevor Carouge

Got more photos? 

Send them to 

The fleet moves out after the start
Left to right: Gabrielle, Reveille, Tamarind, Jambo, Whistle Jacket

Sharp's Island Light, half-way (definitely needs a paint job.)

Fair winds to all,

George Breig, 

Choptank Scorekeeper and ESSA blogger.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Choptank Cup Results, October 10, 2020


Sailwave results for Wednesday Races at Choptank Series 1, 2020 2020

Wednesday Races

Choptank Series 1, 2020

Results as of 19:43 on October 10, 2020

Choptank Cup 2020 - N-Spin Class - October 10, 2020

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Finish time, Time: 9:30:33, Distance: 31.9 NM, Course: I - Sharp's Lght - I, Wind dir: SW, Ave wind: 11-20 Knts
Boat Boat Type HelmName Class SailNo PHRFTOT Rank Start Finish Elapsed Corrected BCR Ave speed Points
Tamarind Tartan 34C Mark McIver N-Spin 388 183 1 9:30:33 15:02:56 5:32:23 3:55:05 183 5.758 kn 1.0
Reveille Tartan 10 Tom Jackson N-Spin 43181 126 2 9:30:33 14:39:55 5:09:22 4:02:23 139.708 6.187 kn 2.0
Jambo J-29 Trevor Carouge N-Spin 111 111 3 9:30:33 14:41:28 5:10:55 4:11:54 142.624 6.156 kn 3.0
Whistle Jacket J - 34C Trevor Carouge N-Spin 319 117 4 9:30:33 14:49:09 5:18:36 4:16:24 157.075 6.008 kn 4.0
Gabrielle J-29 Branden Spear N-Spin 21613 126 5 9:30:33 15:00:18 5:29:45 4:22:46 178.047 5.804 kn 5.0
Jitterbug Catalina 270 George Breig N-Spin 319 216 6 9:30:33 16:40:33 7:10:00 5:15:10 366.605 4.451 kn 6.0
Slice J-22 Mike Stewart N-Spin 112 183 7     DNF       7.0

Sailwave Scoring Software 2.28.2