Sunday, September 10, 2023

ESSA Wild Goose Chase Results

Congratulations to Bob Gallagher of Aura and his crew. 

Given the very light to zero wind on Saturday at 9:00 AM.

The short course was selected: Z-C-E-C-A-Z, 6.54 NM

Starting at Z, the land crew called out the start times for the racers.

Jitterbug was first to cross the starting line followed by Paprika, Zinfal, and Aura.

Aura overcame its 22 minute delay passing all others early in the second leg of the race.

After an hour and a half the wind picked-up to 8 knots. 

  • First Place: Aura: 11:56:50; average speed = 2.54 Knots.
  • Second place - Paprika, Curt Weist
  • Third place - Zinful, Mike Stewart
  • Ultimate (aka last place), Jitterbug, George Breig

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